Our Story


We started Farm to Table Market 8-years ago in West Vancouver’s quiet Ambleside Park neighbourhood. Prior to Farm to Table, I worked as a purchaser for a produce chain store. Over the years, I got to really know a lot of produce suppliers and local growers. I learned about who are the best ones, how to pick the best produce, the seasonality of the produce and when to bring them in. I love what I do, and that passion and excitement lead us to opening up our first Farm to Table Market.

The excitement of finding a unique product and share that with our customers is like finding a rare gem in a haystack. We love sourcing everything locally and working with local small scale vendors and growers. They are very fun to work with and they take extreme passion and care in what they do. It not only helps our economy to source products locally, it also ensures better quality and freshness of products that are in the store. That being said, we do source some of our unique and special products from abroad. For example, our cheeses are flown by air weekly directly from our boutique French and Italian cheese makers because they are simply the best we can find.

We just opened our second location in Yaletown. With the right location and right timing, we are now ready to bring our passion and knowledge to people in the Yaletown neighbourhood and the Downtown core.

We want to keep working hard at bringing the best produce to you and to let more people know about what we do at Farm to Table.

In 2020, we opened our Grocery online store in Vancouver - providing free delivery grocery service in Metro Vancouver Area.   Hopefully we’ll be able to bring better choice of foods to more dining tables around the city including yours. We want everybody to know that we always bring in great selections of fine foods and we’d love to see you come back often.

Jason & Eva